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logo-zf-sachs-mWe offer selection, sales and warranty repairs of dampers.
History of the ZF-Sachs company on the market of damper production started in 1954 together with "Uerdinger Schienenbus" 1971/72"ET 403" (Airport-Express) and has lasted until now. Products of this company are used in such lines as: "ICE 1 / 3" and "TGV".

In 1955 MAN also produced a diesel bus with hydraulic dampers.


ZF Sachs

The MAN bogie was equipped with vertical secondary dampers and horizontal dampers, which also fulfilled the function of yaw dampers.

ZF Sachs

ICE 1 bogies

ZF Sachs
ZF Sachs

The ZF Sachs company produces all types of vertical and horizontal dampers applied in rail vehicles. Yaw dampers are also manufactured.

Types of produced dampers:

  • T50 and T70 vertical primary dampers
  • T50 and T70 horizontal secondary dampers
  • T50 and T70 vertical secondary dampers
  • T50/28, T70/28 and T60 yaw dampers
  • T50/28 and T70/28 dampers for arctic applications
  • T50 inter-car and T70 horizontal dampers
  • T50 coupler and T70 horizontal dampers
  • ZF Sachs dampers

ZF Sachs amortyzatory

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for such enterprises as: NEWAG, PESA Bydgoszcz, Metro Warszawskie ZNLE, Gliwice Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. and Modertrans Koleje Śląskie.

Should you have any question, please contact our branch.


  1. (Axle) primary damper
  2. (Vertical) secondary damper
  3. Yaw damper
  4. Horizontal damper
  5. Propulsion coupler damper

ZF Sachs- schemat

ZF Sachs- Schemat Pociąg